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Membership Cards

A Club, Society or Association, consists of a group of people who have a common purpose or interest, i.e. golf, yachting, tennis, fitness centre, restaurants etc. A person is usually proud of being a member of his or her particular club. A prestige plastic Membership Card will help strengthen that link and assist in retaining and promoting the active interest between the member, the club, and other members of the club. A prestige Membership Card will usually be carried with the credit cards - as such it naturally assumes the same level of importance.

Card Identity:
The Plastic Membership Card can be personalised with variable data and protected by an encoded magnetic strip or chip. An individual sequentially ascending number provides the unique card identity.
New Members:
The exceptional quality and appearance of a prestigious Membership Card is often an aid in recruiting new members and retaining the interest of existing members.
Club Fees:
The annual issue of a Membership Card can be a distinct asset in stimulating a prompt response when annual subscription renewals are due. No fee - No Card- NO ENTRANCE.
Card Security:
A plastic Membership Card is of value in protecting the interest of a club in providing the utmost Membership Security. Membership Cards can be checked on entry or at other relevant locations for validity by the use of a swipe card enabling door entry. This procedure assists in preventing non-members from using the facilities for which they have made no contribution, and avoiding unauthorised use of your services.